The Isowalk SmartCane: Clinical Visibility For Gait


• Measured outcomes from medical procedures and events

• Quantified and qualified rehabilitation progress

• Intelligent recovery timelines and forecasts

• Compliance recording and regimen coaching

• Remote patient monitoring with activity archives

• Fall prediction and risk alerts for caregivers and SNF

• Active, personalized walking assistance for end users

• Simplified data capture and submission for physicians


Isowalk is a hardware and software platform for advanced mobility assistance.vitalsigns-copy2 

Isowalk’s patented gait-mapping, analytics, and telemetry re-invent the mobility aid as a smart object, and quantify gait health as a 6th vital sign for medical professionals.

Isowalk’s patented biomechanical, orthopedic, and ergonomic optimizations provide the end user with revolutionary ease, comfort, balance, and safety. 

Isowalk’s communication features provide remote home health and patient monitoring for physicians, therapists, and caregivers.  Read our press announcement here…


Isowalk is currently in development. Contact us for further information: