Isowalk: Mobility Assistance 2.0

Isowalk is a hardware and software platform for next-generation mobility assistance and the world’s first enter site smart mobility aids. Isowalk is designed to ease mobility and reduce falls, while capturing and sharing breakthrough mobility data for clinicians and caregivers.

  • Measurable recoveries and outcomes from injury, surgery, episodes and more
  • Quantified and qualified rehabilitation progress
  • Predictive recovery forecasts and timelines
  • Compliance tracking and coaching for recovering users 
  • Easy remote monitoring of mobility health for chronic and elderly users  
  • Risk alerts and fall prediction that empower proactive interventions
  • Fall-preventing walking assistance beyond conventional mobility aids


 Mobility Health: The Missing 6th Vital Sign 

Isowalk’s exclusive gait mapping and motion analysis system, developed specifically for mobility aids by UCLA Wireless Health, can capture, analyze and share precision mobility performance data with clinicians and caregivers.

Isowalk’s biomechanics address all common fall risks inherent to conventional mobility aids, and provide the end user with revolutionary ease, balance, comfort, safety and active walking assistance.

Isowalk’s integrated analytics and wireless communications capabilities are ideal for remote monitoring and telehealth applications, providing professionals and family with easy, objective, evidence-based wellness data.

Reduced Falls. Assisted Gait. Informed Clinicians.

  • Mobility impairment is the most common disability among older Americans
  • 35-50 million Americans of all ages use a mobility aid
  • Conventional mobility aids prevent natural gait and are the frequent cause of falls
  • Falls are the leading cause of fatal and non-fatal injury for people 65+
  • Falls cause 2.8m emergency room admittances and 800k hospitalizations each year (US)
  • The medical cost of senior falls was $31b in 2016 and will rise to $67b by 2020
  • 90% of all outpatient rehabilitation spending goes to physical therapy
  • More than 50% of physical therapy spending goes to orthopedic rehabilitation
  • Isowalk reports automaticity, walk speed, posture, balance, fall risk and more   


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