Isowalk: Next Generation Walking Assistance

isowalk_670Isowalk is a hardware and software platform for next-generation mobility assistance and the world’s first smart mobility aids. Designed with state-of-the-art biomechanical and digital innovations, Isowalk provides dramatically enhanced walking assistance and safety, as well as unprecedented gait analysis and communications capabilities.

• Active, personalized, fall-preventing walking assistance that replaces the cane

• Measurable outcomes and recoveries from injury, surgery and more

• Quantified and qualified rehabilitation progress

• Predictive recovery forecasts and timelines

• Compliance tracking and coaching for recovering users 

• Remote monitoring and alerts for family caregivers and aging in place

• Fall prediction and risk alerts that empower proactive interventions



 Gait Quality: The 6th Vital Sign 


Isowalk’s exclusive motion sensing and analytics, developed with the UCLA Wireless Health Institute, transform the passive mobility aid into a connected smart object, bringing powerful new insights to health and wellness assessment.

As a mobility aid, Isowalk’s patented biomechanical, orthopedic, and ergonomic optimizations provide the user with revolutionary ease, comfort, balance, and safety. 

As a tool for digital health, Isowalk’s patented gait-mapping capabilities provide virtually invisible mobility monitoring for physicians, therapists, and family caregivers.  


Isowalk is currently in development. Contact us for further information: