Introducing the Walkable.

Isowalk is a suite of services, analytics and assistive technologies for the mobility challenged of all ages.
Machine learning, adaptive biomechanics and flexible emergency features offer a new dimension in safety and independence.

Mobility impairment is the most commonly reported physical challenge in the US, particularly among those aged 65 and older. Some 20-40 million Americans use a mobility aid, yet mobility health is infrequently measured by professionals and never monitored at home. Senior falls are one of healthcare’s most urgent concerns, but critical insights regarding their likelihood have remained largely invisible.

The Isowalk platform is designed to quantify mobility performance and trajectories while providing active walking assistance, gait and balance training, and emergency services for the mobility challenged, especially seniors. Isowalk provides powerful new insights into fall risk, gait health and independent ability, and actively assists in fall prevention. 

Simplest Remote Monitoring.

One in three people aged 65+ suffers a fall each year. The result is 2.8 million emergency room visits, 800,000 hospitalizations and $50 billion in annual direct healthcare spending. Isowalk provides a powerful yet transparent tool for families to keep track of loved ones aging at home. With no additional effort or action required from elderly users, Isowalk discreetly captures granular mobility performance metrics, while analyzing activity trends and reporting fall risk conditions. Emergency services can be invoked directly from the walking aid.  

Through Isowalk’s unique mobility analytics, caregivers and health professionals can remotely assess mobility wellness and condition on a daily basis and over time. Changes in activities and patterns can be addressed before they become serious issues. Fall risk indicators can generate alerts, allowing for proactive care strategies that can save lives and reduce hospital visits.

Clinical Visibility for Mobility Health.

Isowalk offers unprecedented insights into mobility issues and treatment. Care professionals can easily track trends, regimen compliance and patient progress over time, while recording objective, evidence-based outcomes. Isowalk’s patented gait capture system, created in partnership with the UCLA Wireless Health Institute, shares unique mobility performance data in-office or via cloud for telehealth and remote monitoring.

For end users, Isowalk can provide gait and balance coaching, as well as predictive timelines that resulting in engaged recoveries and productive home health strategies.  Unlike conventional wearables whose sole function is data generation, Isowalk provides dramatic new assistive capabilities. In making walking more effortless, Isowalk promotes healthy mobility, activity and social connectedness.

Easier to Walk. Harder to Fall.

Copious clinical evidence demonstrates that conventional walking aids can be actively hazardous to the user. Walking with a mobility aid inflicts surprising physical and cognitive demands that make ambulation difficult and even dangerous, especially for the elderly. Tens of thousands of emergency room visits each year are directly caused by a mobility aid, creating one of our most underestimated public health risks. 

Isowalk has been designed to address the key hazards inherent to conventional mobility aids that lead to falls. Self-propulsive geometry reduces cognitive loads. Structured movement induces balance. Ideal orthodpedic loading reduces pain and compensations. Superior ground contact offers greater safety and important tactile feedback. Users experience transformative ease, comfort and confidence.

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